What is a Green Investment Bank?

A Quick Summary by the Coalition for Green Capital

OECD Policy Perspectives Paper

Working Paper: State Green Banks for Clean Energy, Energy Innovation 2014

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Toronto Atmospheric Fund

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Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation

Responsible Investment

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Principles for Responsible Investment

Chief Investment Officer, The Capitalists Guide to ESG

Chief Investment Officer, How a Pension Fund Will Fare in a Low-Carbon Economy

Setting Up a Green Investment Bank including Business Models

Green Bank Academy training materials

Materials from 2015 OECD Green Investment Bank Workshop

New York Green Bank Business Plan

Examples of Transactions from Green Investment Banks

Transaction Profiles from the New York Green Bank

UK Green Bank Transactions Summary

Papers on Mobilising Institutional Investment in Low Carbon Economies

Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Sustainable Energy

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Booz Market Study for the New York State Green Bank

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Business Model for Solar Rooftop

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